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Browser Fairy
One tool to rule them all

Get virtually as many default web browsers for Mac OS X as you want.

Commit to either Safari, Firefox or Chrome? Well, with Browser Fairy you can have individual default web browsers for every app and literally every web page.

Pretty handy but there's more - give it a try!

Get your browser extensions

Let the browsers dance to your tune. Define rules. Browser Fairy does the rest.

Ok Safari is your beloved default web browser. Don't you worry you can stick with it!

Still, for certain pages you might want to use a different browser. Just define a rule in Browser Fairy and it'll open it for you.

You prefer to open all links from Mail in Firefox, Calendar links in Opera? Define your rule in Browser Fairy.

Choose the browser on the go. Use the Browser Selector.

For some links you might not always want to set a predefined browser. You want to choose between your installed browsers? Set Browser Fairy as the rules target and you'll get the Browser Selector with your installed browsers to choose from.

Get the Browser Selector for any link. Hold the cmd-key while clicking on a link and the Browser Selector will appear.

Customize the Browser Selector by drag & drop. Add new browsers from your Applications folder.

Switch browsers fast. Browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Open the current page with two clicks in the browser of your choice.

Click Browser Fairys magic wand button directly in your browsers toolbar. Choose a different browser from the Browser Selector. Done.

Get your browser extensions